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  • Cup Check Trivia

    Tom’s personal assistant Grace Yinger lets Tom have it. Jess lets him have it in a surprise move. Josh Arnold Gets Hit in the Balls with a Bat… In Slow Motion.

  • “Pillars” Episode 6 – “1 to 10”

    “Pillars” is a series of shorts starring David Dyer (Dave) and Kevin Yon (Kev). Written, Directed, and Edited by David Dyer. Each short provides a quick glimpse into the sometimes contentious relationship between two men who frequent a local bar to both discuss and react to what matters most to them.

  • The Beer Mile Relay

    Jeff Vibbert, Chris Bowers, Jess Alsman, and Gunner do the Beer Mile Relay with a twist. Click here to see yesterday’s Beer Mile Challenge with Vibbert. Audio Facebook Live Static Cam Chick Cam Poor @thejeffvibbert dealing with the emotions of Tom forcing him to do the Beer Mile challenge again. — The BOB & […]

  • Jeff Vibbert Does the Beer Mile Challenge

    Watch the video of an instant classic from this morning’s show: Jeff Vibbert trying and failing at the beer mile challenge.

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